A Blue and White striped dress

A Blue and White striped dress

Wondering if this would be an appropriate choice for my dress. It seems like cotton makes the most sensee, although it would be hard to get in Civil War times. Perhaps my dress is a bit older?

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3 thoughts on “A Blue and White striped dress

  1. kitty1863

    This is also from Jenny Jones’ Fabric choices for Civil War era dresses board on Pinterest

  2. betsyann1863

    Hi Kitty, There are photos of dresses made of striped fabrics on The Barrington House Education Center website. I’ve saved some and will put them in a post soon. In the photos it seems more frequent for the stripes to be horizontal on the bodice, but there are some with vertical stripes on the bodice. Vertical stripes usually tend to make one look taller, but horizontal stripes emphasize the 1863 silhouette of wide across the shoulders more.


  3. kitty1863

    What great images! I was thinking vertical stripes. But now maybe thinking a floral pattern dress with a striped apron. I liked learning that 1860s fashion “coordinated” rather than matched.

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