Mother’s Profile:

Our characters will work at the print shop in the Village.  I have a background in printmaking and plan to develop and execute print work throughout the summer. My character will be in mourning or half mourning, having lost her husband to the Civil War.

alternate idea: Mother is a naturalist who has a husband and 2 older sons away due to the war.

Mother’s Costume:

“The ladies blouse & skirt was considered “fancy” attire in the 1860’s, so I would think a one piece dress (please see a drawing of it in Period Impressions Pattern #450 or 453). We sell the fabric, patterns & also the ready-made dresses. The fabric could be black, grey, or lavender with white depending on what stage of mourning you are in.” ~Donna at Abraham’s Lady

Period Impressions Pattern #450 at Abraham's Lady

Period Impressions Pattern #450 at

Period Impressions Pattern #453 at abrahamslady

Period Impressions Pattern #453 at abrahamslady

dress – black, grey, lavender with white, or if naturalist role – white? or cream?


“…it is made so you can wear it with the bib up for a pinner apron or the bib tucked inside as a half apron. Both are authentic.” ~Donna at Abraham’s Lady

corded petticoat & working corset   Would a women setting type and running a press be expected to wear a corset, crinoline and hoop skirt? Yes, she would have worn the proper foundation garments, but she could have worn a work corset & possibly a corded petticoat.” ~Donna at Abraham’s Lady


Thanks to the Ladies Aid Society of the 1st Ohio Light Artillery Battery A Civil War re-enacting group for all the information they gave us about ladies clothing including petticoats, hoops, chemise, jewelry, hats and bonnets.


Talking with the Ladies Aid Society on the Ohio Statehouse Lawn – May 11, 2013


Mother’s corset has been ordered from The Alley, Vintage and Costume Store, 3502 W. Dublin Granville Road Columbus, OH 43235,  phone 614-764-5555 , website

Of course it's not purple. But isn't this pretty!

Of course it’s not purple. But isn’t this pretty! They have many choices of fabrics and styles. And were very helpful with advice and fitting.

hat or bonnet


lace cap for indoors?

box or bag for art supplies

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  1. kitty1863

    One step closer to having our characters approved! We will be naturalists working in the Natural History Museum. I will need period simulations of watercolor and drawing materials that I can use to make entomology illustrations. I will also need to check back in about the attire, since my work will be less strenuous than in the print shop.

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