Ohio Village, located in Columbus Ohio. The Ohio Village is a re-created mid-19th century Ohio town. From Memorial Day to Labor Day the Ohio Village is open the same hours as the Ohio History Center. Visitors can interact with costumed interpreters, play games from the time period, and take cell phone tours. The Village is also the setting for numerous special events, dinner programs, and educational programs throughout the year.

Abraham’s Lady, shop is in Gettysburg, Donna has written a couple of books about period dress

Forest Creek Renaissance, located in Michigan, asked about historically accurate items

1860s in Western Fashion Wikipedia

Millinery ideas:

1860-1865 Crowned Heads Millinery Pinterest board.

Abraham’s Lady has a pattern for the jacket you like: Ladies Zouave Jacket – Most popular look of the period, slimming to the waist. Reticule is included. Misses sizes 6/8/10, 12/14/16, 18/20/22


dress ideas:

Simplicity Pattern 3727

all images ©Simplicity

Simplicity Pattern 3727 front

Simplicity Pattern 3727

Simplicity Pattern 3727 drawing

Simplicity Pattern 7212 all images ©Simplicity

Simplicity 7212Simplicity 7212 front and backSimplicity 7212 back 2

boys clothes ideas:

Simplicity Pattern 5023

all images ©Simplicity

Simplicity 5023 front

Simplicity 5023 front and back

Boy’s Confederate Pants from

oldnorthstatesutlery-boys confederate pants-1
Learn more about the people, events, and dramatic changes in America before, during, and after the Civil War.
Books: Hunt for Lincoln’s Killer
Battle Cry of Freedom by

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