Son’s Profile:

The son will be the printers’ apprentice. He is thinking about brown pants, brown vest, brown apron and white shirt. “Your son is fine wearing those 3 items, but he will also need a jacket if he goes outside.” ~Donna at Abraham’s Lady

Son’s Costume:

1865 Met Museum Derby

1865 Derby – Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of the Brooklyn Museum, 2009; Gift of Ethel Paxton, 1950

Civil War Boy

Civil War Boy

Boy 1864 The portrait was taken in July 1864.

Boy 1864
The portrait was taken in July 1864.

Boy’s Pants from The civilian boy pants are made out of period style corduroy. They have a yoke back, solid waist band, seam pockets and button fly. All button holes are sewn by hand

Details from MacRae Trousers. These trousers are worn much higher on the waist than today’s jeans.

boys civilian pants oldnorthstatesutlerymacrae trousers-1macrae trousers-2macrae trousers-3

Coat: he likes the civilian sack coat from in a coffee brown cotton (not the corderoy) with brass buttons like their Federal Jacket.

boys sack coat civilian from oldnorthstatesutlery

Boys Civilian Sack Coat from Old North State Sutlery


brass buttons on Wambaugh White Co Federal Sack Coat

shirt – He likes white but with a more modern sleeve than Simplicity 5023

vest –

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